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Research and Reports

The Disability Imperative
(Accenture/Disability:IN/American Association of Persons with Disabilities, November 2023)

Global Report on Health Equity for Persons with Disabilities
(World Health Organization, 2022)

The Valuable Truth Report 2022
(The Valuable 500, May 2022)

2022 Disability Equality Index Report
(Disability:IN, 2022)

2022 HR Trends Report
(McLean & Company, 2022)

Access Ability: Strategy Report — Employers’ Lessons Learned in Hiring, Retaining and Advancing Employees with Disabilities
(Public Policy Forum, February 2022)

Making Your Business Accessible for People with Disabilities: Guide for Small Businesses
(Conference Board of Canada, 2022)

Disability and Inclusion — Global and U.S. Findings
(Coqual, December 2021)

Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent
(Accenture/Harvard Business School, September 2021)

Innovation Unleashed: Building a Culture That Drives Sustained Growth
(Accenture, August 2021)

The State of Disability Employee Engagement
(Global Disability Inclusion & Mercer, March 2021)

2021 Disability Equality Index Report
(Disability:IN, 2021)

Inclusivity and Accessibility at the Core: Pathways to Employment in the Digital Economy for Albertans with Disabilities
(Information Communication and Technology Council, by Alexandra Cutean and Tracy Martell, April 2021)

Gig Workers With Disabilities: Opportunities, Challenges, and Regulatory Responses
(November 2020)

Agriculture: Ontario 2020
(Sector profile, November 2020)

Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact
(Job Accommodation Network/Office of Disability Employment Policy, updated October 2020)

Design Delight from Disability — Summary Report: The Global Economics of Disability
(Return on Disability Group, September 2020)

Employment, Education, And Income For Canadians With Developmental Disability: Analysis From The 2017 Canadian Survey On Disability
(July 2020)

Survey of Employer Policies on the Employment of People with Disabilities Final Report
(Westat/Office of Disability Employment Policy, June 2020)

Getting to Equal 2020: The Hidden Value of Culture Makers
(Accenture, March 2020)

Enabling Change | Getting to Equal 2020: Disability Inclusion
(Accenture, 2020)

The ROI of Employee Engagement in 2020
(Decision Wise infographic, 2020)

Building the Business Case for Hiring People with Disabilities: A Financial Cost-Benefit Analysis Methodology and Example
Study      Infographic     Fact Sheet
(Canadian Disability Participation Project/McMaster University/Munster University of Applied Sciences, 2020)

The Business of Accessibility: How to Make Your Main Street Business Accessibility Smart
(Accessbility Canada, August 2019)

National Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking Study: Senior Leaders and Diversity Personnel
(Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, 2019)

2019 Disability Equality Index Report
(Disability:IN, 2019)

AGR-LMI Program — current agriculture labour market assessment, future labour supply and demand projections
(Canadian Agriculture Human Resources Council, updated 2019)

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Ontario Economic Report 2019

Canadian Survey on Disability 2017 Data Visualization Tool
(Statistics Canada, December 2019)

Canadians With Disabilities: Seizing the Opportunity
(TD Economics, October 2019)

We’re Hiring: Manufacturing Workforce Survey Report.
(Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, October 2019)

Workplace Accommodations For Employees With Disabilities in Canada, 2017
(Statistics Canada, September 2019)

What companies gain by including persons with disabilities
(World Economic Forum, April 2019)

Why Diversity and Inclusion Has Become a Business Priority
(Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte – 2015, updated March 2019)

Canadian Mining Labour Market 10-Year Outlook 2020
(Canadian Mining Industry Human Resources Council, 2019)

To Affinity and Beyond: From Me to We — The Rise of the Purpose-Led Brand
(Accenture, 2018)

A Demographic, Employment And Income Profile Of Canadians With Disabilities Aged 15 Years And Over, 2017
(Statistics Canada, November 2018)

Getting To Equal: The Disability Inclusion Advantage
(Accenture, October 2018)

Labour Shortage: Here to Stay — Worker Scarcity In Canada And What Businesses Can Do To Respond
(Business Development Bank of Canada, September 2018)

The Business Case to Build Physically Accessible Environments
(Conference Board of Canada, February 2018)

The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution: Eight Powerful Truths
(Deloitte, January 2018)

2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report
(Deloitte, 2017)

Predictors Of Employer-Sponsored Disability Accommodation In The Workplace
(Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, Katherine Breward, 2016)

Business Benefits of Accessible Workplaces
(Conference Board of Canada, May 2014)

Rethinking Disability In The Private Sector — Report From The Panel On Labour Market Opportunities For Persons With Disabilities
(Federal Government, 2013)

World Report On Disability 2011
(World Health Organization, 2011)

The Employment Of Americans With Disabilities: Findings From The Kessler/NOD/Harris Employer Survey
(Association of Americans With Disabilities, 2010)

Kessler Foundation/NOD Survey of Employment of Americans with Disabilities Final Report
(Harris Interactive, October 2010)

Case Studies

There are disability-inclusive hiring success stories across sectors — as you’ll read in these eleven case studies. In each case, the business goals and reasons behind intentional disability-inclusive recruiting are different. But the business benefits, outcomes and successes are similar.

ODEN First Edition compilation case studies (2023)

ODEN Compilation d’études de cas – Première édition (2023)


Community Living Algoma (2023):
An Inclusive and Welcoming Spirit Guides Success at Community Living Algoma

Aurora’s Pizza and Spaghetti House (2023):
Aurora’s Pizza and Spaghetti House is Finding Success by Welcoming Diversity into the Family

Fieldless Farms (2023):
From Farm to Career Field: How a Burgeoning Business is Breaking Down Barriers for People with Disabilities

Halton Healthcare (2022):
Halton Healthcare Builds on its Strong Tradition of Serving Communities Through the Project SEARCH Program

Torys LLP (2022):
Torys LLP Advances Inclusive Training Opportunities for Youth Through Partnership

University Health Network (UHN) (2022):
University Health Network Committed to Championing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Through Youth Work Program

Onward Manufacturing (2021):
Onward Manufacturing Company Limited Is Serving Up Some Sizzling Examples of Inclusive Hiring

Cristina’s Tortina Shop (2021):
Cristina’s Tortina Shop is Baking Up a Fresh Perspective on People With Special Needs

Fidelity Canada (2021):
Fidelity Canada Building on Company Success through Innovative, Inclusive Hiring Practices

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (2021):
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Leading by Example to Foster More Inclusive Hiring Practices and Better Health Outcomes

CIBC (2019):
How An Inclusive Culture Is Helping CIBC Build A Relationship-Focused Bank For A Modern World

City of London (2019):
The City Of London’s Internship Program Builds Diversity And Better Service

Deloitte (2019):
How Inclusive Hiring Makes Deloitte Canada Stronger

Loblaw (2019):
How Loblaw Is Leading The Retail Sector In Inclusive Hiring

Les Armoires Seguin (2019):
Small Skilled Trades Businesses Recognizing Talent

ROCKWOOL (2019):
How Accessible Recruiting Helped ROCKWOOL Succeed

Sodexo Canada (2019):
How Diversity Within Sodexo Canada Is Helping Its Business Inside And Out

Vos’s Your Independent Grocer (2019):
Vos’s Your Independent Grocer Uses An Untapped Labour Pool To Avoid Turnover Troubles

Government Resources

Tip Sheets and Guides

Ask the Person (PDF, 451 Kb)
Demandez à la personne (PDF, 451 Kb)

There’s a “Golden Rule” you should always follow when you’re on the journey of making your business disability inclusive: Ask the Person. This tip sheet will help you navigate the nuances of disability inclusion.

7 Tips for Making Sure Your Business is Disability Inclusive (PDF, accessible, 833 Kb)
7 conseils pour vous assurer que votre entreprise est inclusive au handicap (PDF, accessible, 894 Kb)

Becoming disability inclusive across your organization takes commitment. It’s a journey with many checkpoints along the way. Follow these seven tips to help ensure you’re taking the best steps forward.  


7 Tips for Creating Highly Effective Job Postings  (PDF, 1.2 Mb)
7 conseils pour la rédaction d’offers d’emploi très efficaces  (PDF, 1.1 Mb)

Follow these best practices when you’re writing job postings. Doing so will help you attract top candidates — including those who have a disability, and demonstrate your commitment to creating an inclusive work environment.

Guide to Accessible eRecruiting (PDF, accessible, 2.3 Mb)
Guide du recrutement en ligne accessible (PDF, accessible, 2.3 Mb)

This step-by-step guide will help you in the review and enhancements of your accessible online recruiting, interviewing and onboarding processes, to make your eRecruiting efforts successful. 

eRecruiting Checklist (PDF, 774 Kb)
Fiche de conseils pour le recrutement électronique (PDF, 890 Kb)

For HR professionals and hiring managers, eRecruiting has become “business as usual” in the new environment. But is your eRecruiting accessible, so you can effectively reach and attract candidates who have a disability? Follow our eRecruiting Checklist. 


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