Disability Myth Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

New Disability Myth Quiz — Test Your Knowledge!
1. What percentage of the world’s population identifies as having a disability?
2. What percentage of the Canadian population has a disability?
3. Studies show that people who have a disability, their family and close relations comprise how much of the marketplace?
4. What percentage of companies surveyed globally now feature people who have a disability in their communications and/or marketing campaigns?
5. What percentage of businesses believe diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage according to Deloitte research?
6. Organizations with inclusive cultures are how many times more likely to achieve better business outcomes?
7. An Accenture study found that businesses practicing inclusive hiring have 30% higher profit margins and __ more net income than businesses that don’t.
8. Most accommodations requested by employees cost less than:
9. What percentage of businesses surveyed have found that providing a workplace accommodation for an employee who has a disability helped them retain a valued employee?
10. Inclusive, high-performing companies are how many times stronger at innovation, customer service and employee retention than other businesses?
11. Over 83,000 Canadian youth who have a disability are not attached to the labour force. What is the number-one indicator of job success for young people who have a disability, upon graduating from high school?