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Enhancing Business Performance through Inclusive Hiring

The Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN) is a province-wide organization that brings together businesses and Employment Service Providers to increase employment opportunities for job seekers who have a disability.

27% Of Canadians have a Disability
27% of Canadians have a disability
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ODEN works with Businesses to:

  • Enhance their Inclusion and Diversity efforts with a focus on disability
  • Increase hiring and retention
  • Improve Disability Awareness and Confidence
  • Link businesses to local job seekers
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ODEN works with Employment Service Providers and Educators to:

  • Increase staff skills and competencies
  • Deliver high quality employment services
  • Improve employment outcomes for job seekers
  • Connect organizations across the province with businesses who need to hire

People who have disabilities represent 1.3 billion people globally.

The disability market controls over US$13 trillion in annual disposable income. This market is large and unrealized.

Inclusive businesses grow profits up to 3x faster than their competitors.
Inclusive businesses grow profits up to 3x faster than their competitors.
Businesses hiring people who have disabilities experience a 72% increase in productivity.
Businesses hiring people who have a disability experience a 72% increase in productivity.

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