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ODEN is a great starting point for any business looking to establish a strategy to hire people who have a disability. Other resources that can provide information on the process involved include:

ODEN Business Leaders Video Series

Businesses that enhance their customer experience by using insights from the disability market and employing people who have a disability, continuously outperform their peers in revenue growth.

These business leaders show there is a strong business case for enhancing business performance through innovative labour solutions. They engage talent with diverse work teams that include employees who have a disability for a positive impact on their bottom lines.

Creating Customer Loyalty

Learn from Kyle Boggio how Boggio Family of Pharmacies has created outstanding customer loyalty over the last 30 years and other ways his business has benefited from the inclusion of employees who have a disability.

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Reflecting Community In The Workplace

Former Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Chief Executive Officer Virginia Ludy, discusses how the CNE established a five-year plan to become an inclusive event and why having its workforce reflect the community the CNE serves is an essential component.

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Tips on Working with Employment Service Providers

Praveen Suresh, former Food Service Director at Compass Group Canada, provides insight into the competitive advantage his company has gained by working with employment service providers. Suresh also offers tips to help other businesses get past the starting line. For more information and to be connected with employment service providers in your area, contact ODEN.

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Can I Fire An Employee Who Has A Disability?

There is no barrier to hiring because there is no barrier to firing. Joe Hoffer, Lawyer and Partner from Cohen Highly LLP, tackles this often quietly asked question head on. Learn the process for termination if an employee is not working out.

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Paving the Path for Career Advancement

Employees who have a disability demonstrate outstanding loyalty. Vincent Meehan, Vice-President of Information Systems and Technology for Sodexo Canada, talks about how Sodexo provides the opportunity for career growth and how this leads to greater success for the company overall.

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