Business Benefits

Hire the right talent

When a business is attuned to the specific skills and practices required for guiding a diverse team, and when all employees understand the workplace’s culture and values and their role within it, a better ‘fit’ is achieved and employee engagement increases.

Businesses that take diversity seriously and implement effective inclusion strategies have greater success in achieving higher performance and increasing retention of staff.

Diversity in the workforce and inclusion of talented people from the disability talent pool fuels innovation and growth.

Almost 22% of Canadians identify themselves as having a disability. That’s equal to the combined populations of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It is the largest minority in the Country.

Globally, there are 1.8 billion people who report having a disability. When you add family and loved ones, 53% of the population is directly affected by disability, controlling over $13 trillion US in disposable income.

The Conference Board of Canada’ predicts that by 2031 we will have a 2 million worker shortfall and it is clear that business will need to enhance their understanding of disability to increase market share and meet future labour needs.

The Business Case

People who have a disability can work, want to work and make a positive contribution to the workplace.

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Increased Innovation

People who have a disability are problem solvers, agile, persistent and willing to experiment

In its 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report (pdf),  Deloitte noted that “diverse and inclusive teams are more innovative, engaged, and creative in their work.”

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Increased Profits

Companies that hire inclusively grow profits up to 3x faster than their competitors

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Better Business Outcomes

Businesses with Inclusive cultures (pdf) are 8x more likely to achieve better business outcomes

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Prepared Workforce

50% of people who have a disability, have a post-secondary degree

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Consumer Loyalty

78% of Canadians are more likely to buy a product or service from a business that hires people who have a disability

2008 COMPAS research poll

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Increased Productivity

Businesses practicing inclusive hiring have 72% more employee productivity

2018 Accenture Study (pdf) found these productivity and performance enhancements happen:

  • 72% more productivity
  • A 45% increase in workplace safety
  • 28% more revenue
  • 30% higher profit margins

Twice the net income of businesses that don’t hire people who have a disability

Let us show you how!

Your business can benefit by including people who have a disability in your workforce.