March Employment Transformation Update

This week, the Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development announced the Executive Director of the new Employment Transformation Secretariat, Gloria Lee. She will take on this new role focusing on the seamless integration of service delivery. Gloria previously worked for the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, as Director of OW and ODSP employment initiatives.

The Ministry also provided a status update regarding the next phase of Transformation, and that they are on schedule for the announcement at the end of April for the successful vendors who will be the next Service System Managers (SSM).

Once the new vendors are announced, there will be a 9-month transition period to the SSM, when the SSM will work with employment service providers without any contract changes similar to what was done in the first three locations.

The new catchment areas will be receiving 3 month contracts with MLTSD that will transfer over to 9-month contracts with their new SSMs, meaning no changes for the first year. Additionally, the Ministry is on track for phase 2 which will utilize the same competitive selection process.

March 17, 2022 – Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development Memorandum