Ep. 18: Disability in the Media, Pt. 2 — Disability Representation & Inclusion in Canada’s Film/Television/Modelling Industry 

Canada is known as “Hollywood North.” That’s because so many television shows and series, and theatrical and television films have been, and are filmed, in this country. They include Supernatural, Schitt’s Creek, Hudson and Rex, Deadpool, Star Trek Beyond, Star Trek Discovery and Hot Zone: Anthrax.  

According to figures from the Motion Picture Association, film and television production in Canada employed over 240,000 people in 2021/2022. That includes everyone from acting talent and extras, to sound editors and technicians, to camera operators, to makeup artists, to set carpenters. 

But of all the people who work on all these productions in all these capacities, how many are people who have a disability? What exactly is the state of disability representation and inclusion in the film, television and modelling industry in Canada? And how is disability portrayed in it?  

That’s what we explore in this second and final part of our series on disability in the media.  This engaging conversation wraps up our 2023 podcast season.

Our three guests have some powerful industry-insider insights.  

Show notes: