Ep. 13: A Spotlight on Assistive Technology

What do you think of when you hear the words, “assistive technology,” or AT, as it’s known for short? And what’s the difference between assistive technology and accessible technology? 

From smartphones, to podcast apps, to earbuds, to eyeglasses, to canes, they’re all AT. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes, assistive technology is “an umbrella term.” 

There are many things like texting, that have become ubiquitous — that we take for granted, that were developed originally as an aid for people who have a disability. 

Globally, according to figures from the WHO, right now there are 2.5 billion people who need one or more AT products to help them navigate their daily lives. With the population aging, that number’s expected to rise. 

We use AT every day in business, at work and at home, without necessarily thinking of what we’re using, as assistive technology. 

This episode, we get you thinking more consciously about AT. The WHO has its definition of AT; we find out how our three guests define it. And how important is your mindset about assistive technology? We explore that question, too. And we get some insights on the state of AT in 2023, and what exciting things are ahead. 

Sharing their insights in this engaging conversation about AT are: 

– Kim Neale, Co-Founder of Distinctability, and a Neuroinclusive Employment and Assistive Technology Consultant 

– David Banes, an Accessibility, Assistive Technology, Inclusion and Universal Design Consultant who consults internationally 

– Chad Noonan, the Corporate Engagement Specialist, and Marketing Outreach Co-ordinator of VjobReady, at Career Services of Brockville 


Show Notes: 

Learn about the many accessibility features of mobile devices