Summer Employment Programs for Youth

Research done by ODEN found that strong community-partnerships between family networks, schools and educators, and agencies that provide employment supports can result in clear pathways to employment for youth who have a disability.

However, when surveyed, parents and educators noted that they are not always aware of employment services in their community that are accessible to youth who have a disability.

ODEN conducted a survey to obtain details of summer employment programs that work with young people who have a disability. The list below is an initial result of this survey conducted as part of National Youth Week. The survey remains open, and we welcome other agencies to participate – use the survey link to participate.

The list is separated by regions. Where available, information about the agency (contact name, phone, email) and the program they have (start and end date, age group and demographic served) are listed below. Contact the agency person listed to find more information.

Click here to download the PDF here.