Podcast Episode 7 — A Conversation with Caroline Casey and Paul Polman of The Valuable 500

Business leaders can no longer make excuses for not fostering disability inclusion, the leaders of The Valuable 500 declare in this episode.

Caroline Casey, founder and creator of The Valuable 500, affirms that they must “be curious and intentional about making change,” and urges leaders to “Go into your people, ask your people in business who are connected to disability, how you can do it better. Ask, admit you don’t know.” 

“But don’t think you can walk away from this issue anymore, because it’s your issue. It’s the most important thing a business leader can do.” 

Casey, and Paul Polman, Chair of The Valuable 500, talk with Jeannette Campbell and Dean Askin about the global state of disability inclusion. They provide unique, candid insights on progress that’s been made, and on what still needs to be done when in 2022, people who have a disability are changing the future of work and business more than ever before. 

Listen to the full, compelling conversation with Caroline Casy and Paul Polman, now. Download the episode here.