Podcast Episode 5 – Voices of Tomorrow

In this episode, we’re bringing some young voices into the show — Voices of Tomorrow. That’s both the name of a new report that’s the subject of this episode, and it describes our two guests.

Sarah Julius is a first-year university student at The University of Windsor, Ontario. Natalia Ayala Giraldo is a Grade 12 student in Windsor. Both of them are on the 2021-2022 Youth Advisory Committee of Re:Action4Inclusion. It’s an Ontario-wide movement, around since 2008, that “seeks to empower youth to take action individually and collectively to make our schools and communities more inclusive spaces.”

Voices of Tomorrow is a project by Re:Action4Inclusion, and it’s the title of the Youth Advisory Committee’s survey report that looked into the state of school, education, employment and community youth inclusion — for youth of all abilities — in Windsor-Essex County, Ontario.

This is a landmark report about inclusive youth employment, by young adults. Listen to the great, deeply insightful conversation with Sarah Julius and Natalia Ayala Giraldo, and be sure to read the Voices of Tomorrow report. You can find it here.