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construction workers with woman using a wheelchairNational Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) is an annual October campaign promoting disability inclusion in business and the workplace. NDEAM began in the U.S. following World War Two. Here in Canada, it’s being recognized more and more, across the country.

With it being all about raising awareness, what’s your level of disability awareness and confidence? Test your knowledge about disability by taking our Disability Myth Quiz. (You’ll find the French version here.)


ODEN’s annual NDEAM campaign

Each year ODEN leads a campaign for its members to raise disability-inclusive employment awareness. Our annual NDEAM campaign focuses on the many ways disability-inclusive hiring:

2022 campaign theme: Driving the Future of Work with Disability Inclusion

Our 2022 National Disability Employment Awareness Month campaign looks at how disability inclusion is reshaping the nature of work now, and in the future.

Almost 1 in 4 Canadians (22%) have a disability text on blue and purple background.A combination of forces over the last two years has created a sea change in the nature of work. Businesses are recognizing that disability inclusion really is driving the future of work. Astute business leaders understand that diversity includes disability.

They understand — or are beginning to understand — that when their business goals and disability inclusion are closely aligned, that inclusion can drive future business success.

In all, 85% of businesses surveyed globally for The Valuable Truth Report 2022 are actively working on removing barriers to employment.

One of the main reasons why disability inclusion is driving the future of work in Canada? The number of Canadians who have a disability is increasing. It’s important to remember that “disability” is a broad term that covers a diversity of disabilities. But here are a couple of hard statistics that show how much disability is increasing:

So in the years ahead, there are going to be more employees — and more job seekers — in the disability talent pool that businesses need to:

What it comes down to is this: Organizations that understand the power of investing in the talent of skilled people who have a disability now, invest in future success. They’re driving the future of work with disability inclusion.

Throughout October, we’ll focus on:

The NDEAM 2022 PR Kit is Now Available!

Participating in NDEAM is easy!

Use the resources in the NDEAM 2022 PR Kit to get started now…get involved in raising awareness about about how and why disability inclusion is reshaping the nature of work — now and in the future.

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NDEAM 2022 Mayoral Proclamations

Mayoral proclamations of October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month enhance the annual recognition of the valuable contributions people who have a disability make to businesses and communities. They also add strength to the call for all businesses in all communities to be strategic and intentional about inclusive hiring. If you have a Mayoral proclamation/recognition of NDEAM in your community that you’d like us to share and highlight, send us a copy.

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