NDEAM 2021 Campaign: The Disability Inclusion Evolution


Thank you for your interest in NDEAM participation, and using the 2021 NDEAM PR Tool Kit! We’re continually working on the PR Tool Kit. This tool kit contains templates and a variety of resources for organizations to use. We encourage you to use and share any of the elements included in it. We’ll be adding new items to this page throughout the coming months, so please check back frequently.

Campaign Tools

Quick facts

Key messages

2021 campaign overview


Marketing and Promotion Tools


Social media images (English)
Week 1: October 4
Week 2: October 11
Week 3: October 18
Week 4: October 25

Social media images (French)
Week 1: October 4
Week 2: October 11
Week 3: October 18
Week 4: October 25

ODEN Business Leader Video Series 2020


Template 1: Mayoral proclamation request template1 (first-time requests)
Template 2: Mayoral proclamation request template2 (if proclamation has been issued before)
Template 3: Mayoral proclamation news release
Template 4: Overall NDEAM campaign news release
Template 5: Light It Up! For NDEAM national event news release
Template 6: Light It Up! For NDEAM local media news release

Article Series

Understanding the Diversity of Disability
Awareness and Confidence Training at All Levels of Your Organization is Crucial

Two-part series: The Power of Inclusion
The Power of Language (article/blog post)

Five-part series: Inclusive Hiring and Recruitment of People Who Have a Disability

Tip Sheets


7 Tips for Making Your Business Disability Inclusive

7 Tips for Putting Your Agency Top of Mind with Businesses in Hiring Mode

7 Tips for Creating Highly Effective Job Postings

eRecruiting Checklist

Virtual Interview Tips

7 conseils pour la rédaction d’offers d’emploi très efficaces

Fiche de conseils pour le recrutement électronique

Case Studies

Interactive Tools

We’ve made it easy to participate!

Use the resources in the Light It Up! For NDEAM™ PR Kit to get involved in lighting up the nation purple and blue on October 21!