NDEAM 2020 Campaign – The Power of Inclusion

PR Toolkit

This toolkit contains templates, tools and resources for organizations to use. We encourage you to use and share any of the resources included:

Campaign Tools:

Marketing and Promotional Tools:

News release templates:

  Articles, case studies and tips sheets:

Interactive tools:

Myth Quiz 

Light It Up Toolkit

This initiative is to raise awareness and celebrate contributions that people who have a disability make to their workplaces and communities by Lighting It Up Purple and Blue for NDEAM on October 22.

Join in this collective effort and light up your local:

  • Office buildings and BIAs
  • City Hall
  • Bridges and landmarks
  • Public spaces
  • Municipal signs
  • Public notice boards

Use these PR Toolkit materials to Light It Up:


The night of October 22, sites across the country are going to Light It Up. WILL YOU?