Ep. 14: The State of Disability Inclusion in Business in Canada

There’s more conversation about disability inclusion in business and employment, than ever. It’s been driven by some rapid changes in the nature and future of work. All this conversation is a good thing. But, it’s a discourse that’s been going on in Canada for over a hundred years. For all intents and purposes, the modern conversation in Canada about disability inclusion started during World War One. It was originally focused on wounded veterans who were repatriating home with a disability; their employment prospects; their employability; and just how they were perceived by and fit into Canadian society and employers of the day.

The nuances have changed since 1917 and 1918, but the conversation about disability inclusion in business is still going on in 2023. Now, it’s mostly rolled into the over-arching business conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion. So how much has really changed in Canada? How much has the needle moved? Where is it right now? And how much more does it need to move?

Questions we explore in this episode, with guests Michael Bach, Yat Li and Anita Huberman. In this engaging conversation, our three guests peel away the layers and share their insights about the past, present and future state of disability inclusion in business, in this country.